Beats By Dre Detox Pro Special Edition Headphones

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If you are looking for the kind of headphones that will give you the best in terms of music quality and the ultimate music experience, you can rest assured that the Beats by Dre Detox Headphones are exactly what you need to get your hands on. There are indeed lots of other headphone types in the market, but these by far surpass whichever headphones are in the market. The production line by rap music mogul Dr. Dre has become one of the household names in the headphone industry for so many reasons. You can think of the fact that the rapper turned music producer, and actor has been in the music industry for such a long time. Apart from that, being in the studios for the better part of his life means that he does understand what music quality is required by the fans. It is therefore, as a result of this that most of the headphones that come off this brand list become immediate market hits with fans from all walks of life.

There are so many great features of these headphones that are designed to further enhance their functionality to the users. A lot of users definitely prefer to have headphones that make an impression, especially among their peers. Therefore, in some sense, you can argue that these headphones are symbol statements in some way.

Some of the features that make them stand out include:

•    Auto tuned headphones with superior durability to resist vibrations
•    Can be used in clubs, recording studios, performance venues
•    Allow you to share mixes
•    Ear cushions for comfort
•    Sound isolation

Apart from these, the Beats by Dre Detox Headphones also have incorporated in them fill up ear cups. The role of these ear cups is to make sure that you can monitor your environment as you listen to the music with ease. Therefore, once you have them, you can rest assured that your music experience will never be distorted again.

Beats By Dre Detox Headphones

The Detox Headphones weigh roughly 3.1 pounds, but the shipping package might come close to 4 pounds. This is because of the extra stuff that is added in the package like the anti-damage/shock protective coverings. It does not matter whether you are in the music production industry, or if you are a music fan, this headphones will definitely work wonders for you In. the course of the design and the production of the Beats by Dre Detox Headphones, they are auto tuned by professionals in the industry who also have a wealth of experience in terms of sound systems. Therefore, you can be sure that once you have these headphones, you will not have to worry about poor sound quality anymore, but will marvel in your new-found  world of awesome music beats.